How it works

Additional Information


Price for each child is £35 an hour. No VAT is charged.


Tutoring takes place in our purpose-built learning room in our family home in Cheltenham.

Taster sessions/ Sign up

1. Come along and experience two trial lessons.

2. Following this we will review everything with you and your child.

3. If you’re happy, we’ll then ask you to sign up to additional sessions.

4. If further tutoring is required, your child will join us for typically, four sessions each month; invoiced in advance.

Nothing is however, written in stone. 

It’s all about coming up with a commitment and structure that works for you and your family. 


Each tutoring session is 1-hour long and they typically take place after school between 3.30pm and 8pm.

This can be a weekly or fortnightly commitment with flexible learning during the school holidays.


We maintain ongoing and open communication between everyone involved and we’ll feedback at all stages.

It’s all about keeping it simple and ensuring you’re happy at all times.