Tiger Timetabling 2013 is a flexible, adaptable and comprehensive timetabling solution

Tiger Timetabling

Initially developed in Sweden, where it has a 90% market share, Tiger Timetabling is the established English Speaking version that can be used throughout the world.

Perfect for schools, the software uses drag and drop to make compiling your timetable easy. Once teachers, classes, rooms and students are assigned, Tiger Timetabling helps manage conflicts and clashes by showing all possible solutions and their implications. You choose how you want the software to resolve each issue.

Tiger Timetabling has a unique mix of easy-to-use features and powerful functions. An example of the flexibility of the application is the ability to mix fixed position timetabling with floating start times and lengths. 

The software is intuitive to use with features such as assigning colours to subjects to easily distinguish between them and multiple undo's if required.

The latest version of Tiger Timetabling adds the ability to publish your timetable online to be viewed through your own specified website address. Access can be password protected and the timetable can be printed or saved as a pdf.

Many schools have had the timetable set up and completed in a couple of days due, in part, to the simplicity of set-up and flexibility of moving classes, but also to the intuitive way in which the system copes with complicated timetabling issues.

To arrange a demonstration of Tiger Timetabling or for further information please contact us on chris@learnwithus.org.uk


Key Features



  • Edit lessons in tables, forms or a graphic view of the timetable.
  • Join lessons in blocks for easier management.
  • Automatic lesson positioning and suggestions to optimise moving existing lessons.


  • Open multiple windows simultaneously.
  • Drag and drop objects between windows.
  • Right click objects for a pop-up menu providing direct access to functions and wizards.


  • Publish your timetable online and password protect to restrict access.


  • Tiger exports data to different Management Information Systems to ensure smooth transfer of data.