You and your child

Your child may lack confidence, they may be not achieving the success they could or they may simply be unhappy at school.

Some children just need that 1-2-1 learning reinforcement in a non-threatening environment, where they’re comfortable and able to say what they want.

Quite simply, home tutoring from Learn With Us enables boys and girls to ‘glow with confidence.’ That’s not our wording by the way; that’s what one of our tutees's parent said!

Who is this ideal for?

Children struggling in primary school with any subject. 

Anyone requiring maths teaching support up to GCSE standard.


Cheltenham/ Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds.

What you get

What will my child get? 

Fun learning and lightbulb moments! 

We give your child the confidence to tackle a problem (and when needed) ask questions and be involved. 

We often get youngsters sat next to us and saying “Oh, OK. I’ve got it!”

What do mums, dads and carers get?

Confident, happy children!

Most importantly, you’ll see them heading off to school with a smile on their faces and looking forward to learning.